House Rules

Be Cool, Have Fun. They're Just Records. See The Six Commandments for details.

Selling Stuff

    • I need to see your state ID. That’s just the way it is.

  • I reserve the right to refuse to buy any items. Likewise, you have the right to refuse any offer I make. I calculate my offer so that I can sell at a price that competes and still make a profit. It doesn’t always work out. That’s OK - no hard feelings.

Buying Stuff

    • Open new items eligible for return only if there is hidden damage that affects play or a mispack. Slight warps or dissatisfaction with a color blend don’t count. Open new item return requests require receipt and must be made within three business days of purchase. Sealed new items may be returned with receipt for refund within two weeks of purchase.

    • No returns on used items. If it’s not factory-sealed, it’s probably used. A lot of used items are imperfect. Please feel free to inspect and request to play any used/open items you may be considering buying.