Selling Your Records?

We offer cash for your records. You'll need to provide a state-issued ID and if our offer exceeds onsite cash we can provide a check, electronic transfer via Paypal, Venmo or Zelle or can arrange cash payout on the next business day. If you prefer store credit for your trade, we add 10% to the amount of your cash offer to be used in the shop.

We currently buy rock from the 1960s forward, R&B/soul and jazz of all eras, hip hop, soundtracks/scores, metal, alternative, punk and electronica. 

We do not generally buy "easy listening," swing/big band, pop vocals or classical. Country is limited to very few artists. We do not handle 78s in any capacity and only purchase punk rock 7" 45s.

We definitely will not buy albums without jackets and damaged jackets definitely affect offer prices. Similarly, records warped or scratched to the degree that causes skips or otherwise significantly affects playback are a no-go. 

Feel free to bring any buy you'd like us to look at any time we're open: 10-6 Tues-Thurs and 10-8 Fri-Sat. Additionally, I can make house calls for very large collections but only on Sundays and Mondays with advanced arrangements and within a reasonable distance from the shop. Records must be assessed in person in order to provide any offer.