IV. Thou Shalt Not Ask For Holds

Again, it's no fun to go to your favorite store and see the same old stuff because all the cool trades and new inventory is on hold for someone else. If I wanted to sell to the first person to click, I'd sell online (see Commandment V).

This is my rule to make, my rule to break. To be perfectly honest, there are some great loyal customers who do get rare exceptions. They don't abuse the asks and they come to the store regularly to spend their hard-earned money. Sometimes we get close enough I know what they're looking for and will do what I can to ensure they get a copy. They know who they are. Want to join that list? Come to the store regularly, take the time to talk music and buy some records. We'll be friends and you'll know when you're in. Otherwise, no holds. And certainly don't ask for holds in post comments - I'm not responding to those any longer, either.